Sponsor This Event!

Would you like to be part of bringing joy to people? Consider sponsoring An Evening With Buster Katon.

The total cost to Bottle Works for this event is $500. Your business can sponsor this event in part or in full.

Those attending the event are in excellent spirits as the evening winds to a close. They linger over refreshments, eager to bask in the excitement. This is a great time to make contacts for your business.

Merchandise can be displayed at the event. Our Event Coordinator, Christina Dunigan, will be available before the event to help you to choose the merchandise that will tie in best to the films and to Buster Keaton. She will also be available at the event to explain the connection.

You can contact Ms. Dunigan by posting a response on this page, emailing her at cdunigan@hotmail.com, or calling her at 814-418-2475.

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